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Welcome to the FI*Errun cattery website. FI*Errun Cattery name was registered in Fife in August 2012.

My goal is to breed healthy and beautiful European shorthair cats that make great pets.

I have 3 breeding females in the cattery at the moment. My first female Minttunen EUR fs 24 "Minttu" was registered as a novice in summer 2012. She's the mother of the first FI*Errun litter of six kittens and the second litter of five kittens. Minttu has been neutered in summer 2015. Her daughter Errun Hehkeä herttuatar EUR e 24 "Nuttu" gave birth to our C-litter spring 2017. A girl from the second litter Errun Mastermind "Meeri" EUR n 24 had also her first and only litter spring 2017 and returned to her foster home after that as a neuter. At home I also have a housecat girl named Tessa and a novice european boy Timi (EUR n 22), which fathered the C-litter. In foster homes I currently have two breeding females that you can find here.

E-litter was born 10th of April.


I’m a 29-year-old biomedical PhD student and my family includes my husband, young son and the cats.

I have always loved cats and I grew up with my family’s farm cats. I got my first very own (indoor) cats in May 2011 when two housecats from my father’s farm moved in. In October 2011 I also got a third cat, Minttu, which just happened to fit the European shorthair standard.

You can contact me via email: or by phone +358442610053

Finnish is my first language but I speak fluent English and a bit of Swedish.


Erja Nynäs (os. Suominen)

puh. 0442610053